Boiler maintenance

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Boiler maintenance

Boiler maintenance needed? We`ll take care of it! Our team is available 24/7.

Our experienced team has the necessary know-how for the optimal maintenance of your spa. An annual thermal maintenance is not only recommended by us, but is also required by law.


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Boiler maintenance by professionals

The „Mahe-Installationen” takes over maintenance and if required the installation, replacement or repair of your device.

With an ongoing maintenance of your gas boiler you avoid increased consequential costs caused by a defect.

Cleaning the burner and the heat exchanger: We open the spa, disassemble them partially and carry out a drying or drying process. If necessary, a wet cleaning through.

Check the expansion tank and the air inlet openings.

Replacement of wear parts: A thermal bath or a gas burner has some wearing parts. These consumables must be checked and occasionally replaced to ensure reliable operation of the heater.

Emission control measurement: Finally, the exhaust gases and the efficiency of the spa are checked. A sticker with the result of the test will be attached to the spa or to the boiler.

Make a maintenance contract with us and we assure you regular and impeccable service, so that your spa can last a long time.


Our experienced, competent employees are reliable, available at any time and do the necessary maintenance in a short time

Safety: With the proper installation of your gas boiler by trained professionals, we can ensure proper function of the boiler and prevention of early defects.

Environmental protection: With a professional installation, you ensure optimal use of your gas consumption and with it you not only protect the environment, but also your purse.

Lifetime: The installation of your boiler by our employees and a subsequent, regular maintenance can easily extend the life of your device.


At Mahe installations you also benefit from our “additional” service:

Our installers are happy to take care of your gas heating maintenance and offer you the following services:

– Immediate Assistance in case of emergency
– Troubleshooting
– Setting preventive measures
– Comprehensive Advice on your Boiler

– Service throughout Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland


Is the maintenance of your boiler already overdue?

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To make sure that your boiler can benefit from a regular maintenance, we recommend to sign a maintenance contract with Mahe-Installations KG as soon as possible. You can download it directly here:

ImgMaintenance Contract

For the following providers we are happy to take care of the boiler maintenance:

Baxi Thermenwartung Installateur in Wien
Vaillant Therme thermenwartung installateur wien
Saunier Duval Service Wien Installateur
Buderus Thermenwartung Wien
Junkers Thermenwartung
Wolf Thermenwartung Wien Installateur

First-class service

Our highly qualified employees offer not only exclusive know-how but also exclusive service:


Do not hesitate any longer and contact us, we are always available for you!

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