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Is your drain blocked?

Do you have the problem of a clogged drain in your household? Do you not help home remedies anymore?

No reason to worry. Then just contact us! Our Mahe installers take care of the elimination of all types of clogged pipes and always have the right tools ready!

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Premium service against a clogged drain at Mahe installations

You know it for sure: After washing the drain is again blocked and even your usual home remedies can not solve the problem. Mahe installers but already!

With the necessary and high quality equipment, our professionals eliminate and take care of the clogging of your household drain. We guarantee you the complete and immediate cleaning of the blockage.

Contact us immediately and we will help you to clean:

– Ground lines
– WC’s / toilets
– sink / sink
– Bathtubs
– Have a shower

We can eliminate the following blockages:

– Clogged drainage pipes (in the wall)
– Clogged sewers
– Clogged water pipes
– Clogged sink in the bathroom
– Clogged sink in the kitchen
– Clogged kitchen drain
– Clogged toilet
– Channel blockage


24 hour emergency service constipation

Is the problem with your drain already acute and needs immediate attention? Then do not hesitate to contact us immediately! If the drain is completely blocked, something must be done very quickly to avoid harmful consequences.

The Mahe installation team has so far gotten rid of any clogged pipe. Your problem is in the best hands!

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Important for a faultless service On our part, you can already tell us as precisely as possible in the telephone conversation where the problem is and to what extent. That’s how we can orient ourselves and provide the right equipment and tools for use.

Only then we can calculate the cost of the service and communicate accordingly. Please note that the estimate of the cost can only be confirmed on site. Since only there, the actual damage can be determined by our installers. We ask for your understanding.

Our Mission

Call us and we will clean the following outlets for you:


After our complete and immediate cleaning your drain in the household is no longer blocked and can be used again without any problems!

Who, if not we?

Contact us today and our Mahe installers are on hand! We clean your clogged drain in maximum time and at an unbeatable low price!

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Are you looking for an installer in Vienna, Lower Austria or Burgenland? Mahe installations is the right contact for your problem!

Tel: +43 (0) 1/961 02 31

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Your reliable partner

Our plumbers in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland have many years of professional experience as well as comprehensive know-how and are always at your disposal to handle requests as soon as possible.

Do not hesitate and contact your plumber in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland and benefit from good work and many years of experience!



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