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What to do with a frozen water pipe?

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The dangers of a frozen water pipe

Your line may freeze due to a faulty line or a malfunctioning thermostat. This can subsequently lead to a bursting of the pipe or to cracks in the corresponding pipe, which in turn leads to considerable water damage.

If your water pipe is frozen, then follow these steps:

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Why you should call us when your water line is frozen:

Many people try to thaw their water pipe on their own. There is a risk that the use of a hair dryer or hot air blower bursts the water pipe, causing much greater damage. In addition, a frozen water pipe usually leads to small cracks in the water pipe, which in turn leads to leakage of water, thus causing not only water damage, but also increased costs.

For these reasons you should contact our Mahe installers who will assist you with professional aids if your water line is frozen.

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